Half-Clothed Lake Forest GTA and DUI Suspect Slams Into Gas Station

A half-naked man was arrested over the weekend following a high-speed chase. The suspect allegedly stole a truck while driving drunk and then crashed into a Lake Forest gas station. Authorities in the region reported that they had received a “LoJack” signal from the 91 Freeway Yorba Linda area shortly before 2 pm, at which time the Orange County Sheriff’s Department responded immediately. Arrested for DUI? Contact us today for a free consultation. The source of the signal was successfully tracked by a Sheriff’s helicopter, and the stolen vehicle was identified as being a 2004 model Ford F-250 truck. The truck and its driver were tracked while traveling towards the southern region of the 241 toll road after leaving the 91 Freeway. As he exited the 91 Freeway, the suspect drove onto Santiago Canyon Road and headed further south through the Silverado Canyon region.

When the suspect and his vehicle were initially identified, authorities attempted to “pull him over” at the intersection of El Toro Road and Live Oak Canyon Road, but he refused to do so. When police tried to stop him, it was reported that he sped up and began a high-speed pursuit.

As the suspect headed onto the western region of El Toro road, he attempted to evade police for 3 miles ending in a collision between the suspect and another vehicle at Trabuco road. The collision was captured by a pursuing helicopter that showed the suspect collide with another car as well as a gas station at high speeds.

The suspect then exited his vehicle and reportedly attempted to flee…half-naked.

The half-naked suspect who was believed to be around 40 years of age decided to flee the accident scene on foot, but since he was being followed by a helicopter, he did not get very far. He managed to enter a nearby shopping complex to help avoid detection but was successfully apprehended by the deputies and taken into custody a few minutes later.

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The Ford truck in question had been reported stolen from San Diego the day before the suspect was arrested. Authorities had reported that the man was uncooperative and did not want his fingerprints to be taken.

His identity is still unknown.

The suspect was eventually charged with suspicion of possessing stolen property, felony evasion, DUI, and delaying or obstructing law enforcement officers. According to the Sherriff’s department, a bail will be set for the suspect once his identity has been positively revealed and he will be scheduled to appear in court soon.

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