Riverside Authorities Catch DUI Defendant On Run For 8 Years

On August 17th, 2015, the police were successful in arresting a man in a west suburban neighborhood of Riverside. The defendant, Pablo Leonardo, initially claimed to be a different person but eventually confessed to his true identity after being confronted with fingerprint results. Mr. Leonardo had been evading a warrant stemming from a drunk driving incident that occurred eight years ago.

According to Riverside police, they stopped Leonardo’s vehicle at Harlem and Olmstead because they suspected it was violating license plate registration requirements. The arresting officer reported that Leonardo was a passenger in the vehicle and that he was extremely fidgety and reluctant to answer questions.

The driver was a Chicago woman, aged 33. Her driver’s license was not updated and for that, she was taken into custody. She received several citations. However, she was later granted bail and was then released.

The passenger on the other hand was a completely different story. According to the Sun-Times, he was acting nervous and suspicious the whole time, and for good reason. Initially, he provided false information during his interrogation. He continuously insisted that his name was Pablo Menardo-Jacob, but upon fingerprint investigation, his true identity of Pablo Leonardo was revealed.

Pablo Leonardo had a DUI warrant issued in November of 2007. Once Leonardo’s identity was confirmed, he stated that he had changed his name and date of birth frequently over the years to avoid suspicion and capture.

He also reportedly told police that he often traveled between Guajardo in Mexico and Illinois. Authorities, despite having had Leonardo in custody several times since his initial DUI warrant, we're unable to confirm Leonardo’s identity during the times that he was previously in their custody. As a result, he was able to roam for 8 years as a fugitive.

He is currently being held without bond.

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