Man Charged With DUI in Los Angeles County Following Collision with Jennifer Lopez

Staying safe on the road is a big deal, and we all know that. Don’t drink and drive, and when you drive, pay attention to the road. Drinking and driving can have incredible consequences, and sometimes with just a little bit of bad luck, you can reach the news because of horrible reasons other than death and serious injury.

The collision occurred in Malibu within Los Angeles County. A man reached the news, not because of injury or death, but rather because he managed to crash into a classy car. This was no ordinary car, however, it was owned by Jennifer Lopez, and although no one was harmed, it is certainly not a case to be ignored.

The man was charged after he managed to crash into a Rolls-Royce, owned by Jennifer Lopez, in California while he was allegedly drunk. Whether or not he was actually under the influence has yet to be determined, but with the DUI charges looming he will have to provide an answer in court.

It is undeniable that DUI and DWI arrests are becoming more common in and around Los Angeles County. This is highlighted when one looks back at the Winter Holiday DUI Mobilization program. Close to one hundred agencies made more than 2,200 DUI and DWI arrests between December 13, 2013, and January 1, 2014. This program in the previous year resulted in 100 fewer arrests. This creates a disturbing average of about 110 arrests per day. In 2008 and 2009, LAC officers made 32 and 71 arrests in the period from December 26 to December 29. Although that is a relatively short period of time, this averages out to 8 and 18 arrests per day, give or take. This is a significant increase in such a short amount of time.

According to the Los Angeles County prosecutors, 53-year-old Robert John Reitz got himself charged with counts because he drove under the influence of alcohol, and he was driving with nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. If convicted, he could possibly get six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Jennifer Lopez’s vehicle was stopped when a pickup truck hit it from behind. Her vehicle was stopped at a traffic light when the collision occurred.

Authorities say that the Rolls-Royce was carrying Lopez’s children, and her friend and actress Leah Remini was driving the vehicle. Luckily, no one was injured in the crash, but it could have ended in a different way if conditions were just a little bit different.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the case, but it is more than likely that the person responsible for the accident will face multiple criminal counts.

Those facing charges for DUI should seek the services of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Too often, those facing charges assume that hiring an attorney is not in their best interest, and they make a deal that isn’t good for them out of fear. Call (844) 241-1221 today to speak to an experienced DUI defense lawyer with years of experience and a history of success.