Celebrities Arrested For DUI In 2013

Sometimes celebrities are able to commit ridiculous crimes with multiple witnesses and get away with it. Others are found to be innocent years after the court of public opinion condemns them for what was mistakenly believed to be their obvious guilt. Regardless of whether you are famous or not, being arrested for DUI is a serious threat if you drive while intoxicated, and 2013 was quite a year when it came to DUI charges involving celebrities.

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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom has said to have life-threatening drug abuse problems, yet when at court to face DUI charges he pleads not guilty. On August 30th Lamar was pulled over under suspicion that he may have been driving under the influence. After failing a field sobriety test, and a refusal to take a chemical test at the police station, a trial date was set. Eventually accepting a plea bargain, Odom pleads guilty to a single misdemeanor count of DUI. His fines amounted to $1,814.

Carmine Giovanizzo

Carmine Giovanizzo was allegedly caught swerving in and out of his lane at 2:40 a.m. on Monday, January 21st. Known for his role as Detective Danny Messer on the hit show CSI-NY, it is fitting that he admitted to consuming alcohol before his drive that morning. When officers tested Giovanizzo’s alcohol levels they were near twice the legal amount at a staggering BAC of 0.149. When in front of the judge he entered a guilty plea and was mandated to complete an alcohol-training program.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, a well-known and beloved comedian was arrested on April 14th, 2013 on a DUI charge. Allegedly speeding down the 101 freeway at 90 miles an hour, the Highway Patrol was quick to pick him up. According to reports, he was driving erratically and nearly hit a gas tanker. When he was pulled over around 4:30 a.m. he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor driving under the influence and was placed on a $5000 bond.

Thomas Gibson

Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson was arrested on the 6th of January on DUI charges. Driving his Audi SUV through a half-marathon was highly frowned upon, resulting in a breath analyzer test. Placed on a $15,000 bail, he paid and was released the next day. The DUI charges were dropped after he pleaded no contest to his alcohol-related reckless driving charges, after which Thomas Gibson was free to go on his merry way.

Where Is…You Know

I know what you’re thinking, where is Justin Bieber?!?! Well, the Biebs was able to avoid inclusion on this list, as he was arrested in 2014. You can count on a thorough write-up when his case is closed.

When a celebrity is arrested for DUI, they rarely receive the same treatment as everyone else. The old saying that all press is good press seems to hold true even in terms of illegal activities. As the years go on, celebrities will continue to get DUI charges, and you can count on each and every one of them to hire a skilled DUI defense attorney to represent them in court.

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