Eight Odd Ways A DUI Could Make You Lose Your Job


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense regardless of where you live. This type of crime is not only a violation of law but is a behavior that can seriously injure or kill anyone who comes into contact with an offender on the road. A vehicle traveling at any speed is very dangerous and must be respected at all levels; however, driving a car while under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances is an unjustifiable risk.

This is why a DUI conviction is taken very seriously, it is a lesson that must be impactful – there is no room for second chances. The consequences of a DUI can spread far and even get you fired.

Many people spend a long time building up their careers and professional resume by working hard and making tough decisions. To get far in life usually takes consistent hard work over a long period of time; however, one bad decision can cause all of the benefits earned throughout a lifetime to be stripped away. This is the case with a DUI.

Most people have no clue that a DUI can get them fired from their job and losing a job can often feel as though one has lost everything they’ve worked for. The following are ways that someone who is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs could get fired, even if they are not convicted of their offense:

  • 1. Showing up late to work. A DUI means that your driver’s license will be suspended and in order to get to work, you will have to get a ride or take public transportation. Depending on others or the bus can cause you to be late too many times. This can potentially cause you to get fired from your job.
  • 2. Breaking little-known company policy. You might work for a company that has a policy not to allow those convicted of a DUI to continue employment. Many times this is because of an insurance policy at the office that does not want the liability of an employee with a DUI. Guess what, this was in the fine print when you signed your employment agreement. Your update to co-workers at the water cooler might not be as innocent as you thought.
  • 3. Unknowingly disqualifying yourself from your position. Those that work in the transportation field, such as a commercial driver for a moving company or other logistics services, will be shocked to learn that the DUI typically stays on a person’s record for over 50 years. If driving is essential to your job, chances are your employer will let you go and it won’t be too easy to find work in the same field. Time to change careers.
  • 4. Damaging your company’s brand. The reputation of the business you work for might feel their brand is tarnished by a DUI conviction. As a public representative you might discover that you no longer have a job when your employer learns of your DUI.
  • 5. Too much unwanted attention. Everyone is entitled to fame, but being on the local news for your DUI is not the type of fame you want. No chance of hiding your DUI when the news reporters get a hold of the story. You might not intend to share your DUI, but things happen out of your control. Likely your employer or co-workers will discover the news and it will cause you to get fired.
  • 6. Work at a bar? Expect zero tolerance. If you work at a bar or maybe even a bartender, chances are you won’t be back at work any time soon. This will happen because of your employer or maybe even court ordered. DUI defendants should not be in close proximity to drugs or alcohol, especially in a place where others are throwing back shots and exercising questionable decision making skills.
  • 7. What happens on social media…can lead to unemployment. Being under the influence can cause a person to do stupid things and some can be very entertaining. In today’s world, where everyone has a video camera on their phone, your drunken stupor or driving in reverse on the highway can be uploaded to social media. Imagine the look on your employer’s face when your video has one million views and all his friends liked it on Facebook. You might be a Social Media Star, but that’s a Social Media Star without a job.
  • 8. Drunk drivers don’t make the best role models. In the event you are a personal athlete or coaching staff, maybe even an athletic teacher at a school, you can be fired for your DUI. Your job doesn’t even involve driving, and everyone knows athletes can drink on occasion, so why the drastic measure? Schools and athletic programs are considered by many to be programs geared towards uplifting children, one’s that parents may not feel comfortable with a DUI defendant as a potential role model. Sports stars and coaches have a big responsibility in the community so juggling a DUI often works against them.

Getting a DUI or being fired from your job are two matters that are serious. These should not be taken lightly. In the event you are faced with a DUI it is vital you consult with an attorney. You must get a full understanding of how this will affect your job and your duties to your employer. Based on your jurisdiction and the governing rules and regulations in that area, your attorney will help guide you through the process.

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