What Does MADD Do?

Drinking Beer‚Äč

The key question is what does this organization not do when it comes to DUI?

MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a successful force and organization that is renowned for raising awareness about the perils of drunk driving. The organization is credited with creating key milestones including:


In 1983, more than one hundred drunk driving laws were passed through a strong promotion by MADD. Though drunk driving laws have existed from the 1800s, awareness of this issue has been propelled into the limelight through MADD.

The organization doesn’t just dish out statistics, one of the main reasons for its continued success is that there’s a voice behind each tragic story. As an example, some states use victim panels in court – and this is organized through MADD.

Victim Help

The history of MADD is summarized in Candy Lightner’s use of her grief to help other parents and relatives overcome the fatality of a loved one by a drunk driver – after her own teenage daughter was taken from her in this manner. Through her efforts, along with staff and numerous volunteers, many victims have been aided in their time of need.


MADD furnishes the public with credible findings of drunk driving statistics, including the number of people killed each year from this crime, the number of accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, the long term effects, and more.

Despite these commendable efforts, it’s also imperative that the courts see an objective view of a defendant’s side of the story. Some individuals arrested for DUI are innocent, and this is where a lawyer can help.

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