Top 5 2013 Q1 Celebrity DUI’s


1. A member of CSI was arrested for DUI in 2013. CSI: NY star, Carmine Giovinazzo was arrested for DUI and was found to have double the legal limit at the time. He has admitted to drinking a serving of scotch before getting behind the wheel. Many news outlets including TMZ and the Huffington Post have additionally reported Giovinazzo as the most polite drunk ever, as his arresting officer concedes. This is not usually the norm for most high-profile celebrity arrests that are oftentimes accompanied by cursing or stereotypical remarks, as was seen in Mel Gibson’s arrest years ago. Another example of this in 2013 is:

2. Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds – who had to be arrested by five police officers. The star did not deny the claims of DUI and was ordered to three years’ probation and $300 in fines in January of 2013.

3. Nicklas Bendtner of the NFL – a celebrity in the sports arena was arrested for DUI this year and will not only have to face the court system but also endure six months of bench-warming for this incident according to TMZ.

4. Teem Mom Farah Abraham is once again in the news for a not so good thing. She was arrested for DUI just a few days ago according to TMZ. The 21-year-old was arrested in Nebraska after police noticed her suspicious behavior, having nearly hitting their vehicle after a wide turn. It’s reported that her young daughter was not in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Her chemical test revealed a blood alcohol count of 1.47%.

5. Bobby Brown has also made headlines for a past DUI arrest. He was sentenced to jail but is now being monitored by an ankle bracelet having spent a few hours in jail.

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