Types of California DUI Schools

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DUI education in California is as extensive as the number of DUI offenders in the state. There are over two hundred centers that are regulated by the state, and we’ll discuss some of the top facts regarding DUI schools in California below:

  • The student must have an order by the court to attend one of these classes.
  • Offenders of California Vehicle Code 213152 are usually ordered to participate in one of these programs.
  • The DUI offender will need to sign up for one of these classes within three weeks of the court’s order.

Seven Types of California DUI Schools

  1. DUI School for Wet Reckless Drivers – the class schedule runs for twelve hours and is broken down over six weeks, and two hours during each session. Read SB 1176 for more details.
  2. DUI School for Underage Drivers – this AB 803 is similar to the above, but is specifically geared to DUI offenders that are between eighteen and twenty years old.
  3. DUI School for First Time Offenders – AB 541 targets those convicted of misdemeanor DUI for the first time. The program runs for a total of thirty hours over the course of three months. If the offender’s blood alcohol count is greater than a certain level, he or she may be ordered to participate in a:
  4. Six Month DUI School or AB 762 – which is for offenders who had a BAC level of between 0.15-0.19percent. Anything greater than this number and the next option is the:
  5. Nine-Month DUI School or AB 1353 – as the name suggests, the program runs for nine months or a total of sixty hours.
  6. Second Time DUI Offender School – The eighteen-month program or SB 38 applies in this case.
  7. DUI School for Habitual Offenders – this can cost over three thousand dollars to complete.

What’s The Point of Attending DUI School?

The main reason for this order to attend a drunk driving education program is for the state to cut back on habitual DUI offenders. In addition, students will be more aware of the impacts of driving under the influence after completion. A good example of this widespread impact is outlined in this DUI Infographic or statistics of California DUI.

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