Why Publicize DUI Checkpoints?

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Is there a requirement to publicize DUI checkpoints? Who is the publicist? Are there reporters who seek out this information? These are questions you may have regarding this hot topic.

The answer to all three questions lies in California Laws regarding sobriety checks, where it’s stated that law enforcement is required to release this data prior to the scheduled date.

What Timeframe Is Required To Publish A DUI Checkpoint In California?

Police are required to furnish the media with news relating to a DUI checkpoint prior to the date and time. No set time is legislated.

In a nutshell, there are many reasons for publicizing a DUI checkpoint including:

  • To prevent drunk driving. Many law enforcement agencies believe that this tactic cuts down on drunk driving given that the public is notified. Many sobriety checkpoints are furthermore conducted over holiday or festive seasons when drinking may be standard.
  • To lean toward constitutional rights. Many adversaries of DUI checkpoints argue that this enforcement imposes upon individual’s rights. In states where they’re actually allowed, the Supreme Court tends to add stipulations for adhering to these same civil rights by:
  • publicizing to the media,
  • ruling in favor of unbiased stops via a preset formula when stopping vehicles
  • including a supervisor during the operations
  • To Reduce Inconveniences. Drivers have the right to take a detour when a DUI checkpoint is publicized. A DUI checkpoint usually occurs in high traffic settings, and most drivers en route can anticipate blocks or buildups from vehicles that are being pulled over or are reentering highways.

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