Marijuana Gardens – Are These Legal in The State of California?


It is a crime to possess, cultivate or transport marijuana and other drugs in California. Proposition 215 patients however have more leniency where this is concerned if there’s a medical marijuana ID issued, or caretakers of medical marijuana patients are the ones tending or transporting the drug.

The Concord City Council, however, has established its own set of rules when it comes to the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes – by the patient or caregiver. Last week the council voted that such cultivation could no longer be conducted outdoors, and instead plants must always be grown indoors. This isn’t the only location with rules for planting medical marijuana – as is evidenced in several counties and cities.

Other Restrictions

There are no legal limits for Medical Marijuana possession under Proposition 215. However, State law SB420 stipulates the following amounts allowed for patients and caregivers in California:

  • Six Mature Plants or 12 Immature Plants
  • If the substance is dried, up to eight ounces are allowed.

The amount a patient or caregiver can grow at one time varies based on the location.

Medical marijuana patients are additionally prohibited from smoking or growing the plant within 1000 ft. of a school or while at work.

Medical marijuana patients are prohibited from operating a vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. This is regarded as a DUI.

Legal Aid for Drug Possession and DUI Charges

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  • Have you been arrested for the possession, cultivation, or distribution of other controlled substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, or other drugs?
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