What You Can Expect At DUI Court

Being arrested for a DUI can be a difficult experience as many defendants are not familiar with standard court DUI processes. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help you better understand the DUI process such as what amount your bail will be, legal counsel regarding how to plead, and advocating for you in court.

Steps In The DUI Court Process

There are several steps in the DUI court process. Note that, for most defendants, the court process will stop with the arraignment where a plea is entered. Steps four, five, and six only apply to those defendants who enter a plea of not guilty. The steps in the DUI court process are:

  1. Arrest
  2. Booking and bail if applicable
  3. Arraignment
  4. Preliminary hearing
  5. Trial
  6. Appeals

Arraignment: First Court Appearance

The first thing that will happen in a DUI court appearance is that you will be called in front of a judge who will not only hand down your ruling but also orchestrate the flow of the proceedings. Unless you have an extreme case or one with extremely unusual circumstances, the flow of your court appearance will proceed along with these steps:

  1. The judge will read the charges against you
  2. The judge will ask if you have an attorney and, if not, whether you would like the aid of a court-appointed attorney
  3. You will then be given the chance to enter your plea, i.e., “guilty,” “not guilty,” or “no contest”
  4. The judge then decides whether to let your bail amount stand or to alter it, and whether or not you should be released on your own recognizance
  5. Depending on how you plead, the judge may then announce future court dates such as pre-trial motions and the date of the official trial

Tips On What To Do If You Are Charged With A DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI there are several actions you can take to better your chances in court. First, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible to help you pinpoint any weaknesses in your case, gather evidence, and provide advice as to how to plea to the charges against you. Second, if you are guilty of DUI, voluntarily agreeing to attend a drug or alcohol counseling program may improve your chances in court.

Third, while you going through your DUI court process, abstain from all alcohol or drugs since getting a second charge will negatively impact your ability to negotiate terms. Finally, start considering payment arrangements for your court costs, administrative fees, and fine as soon as possible; either start saving right away if you are financially able to do so or contact friends or family members for assistance. By paying your fine and fees quickly, you may be able to obtain a shorter probation time.

Hire Experienced DUI Defense

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