OC Police Warn of Uptick in Pill DUI Offenses

The OC Register just released an article about the state of DUI offenses throughout Orange County, California. Although DUI arrests have decreased, crashes involving inebriated drivers increased.

The data also revealed that DUI offenses involving drugs are on the rise, and comments made by the Fountain Valley Police Department made it clear that at least one officer is particularly concerned about the rise of DUIs in which people use prescription pills, marijuana, and alcohol together.

Drug DUI On The Rise

“I am anxious about increased driving by persons using prescription medication and/or marijuana in addition to alcohol,” said Fountain Valley Chief of Police Daniel Llorens. “Both create a synergistic effect when combined with even a modest amount of alcohol that could easily lead to poor driving decisions.”

Whether or not Chief Llorens is correct about the effects of using prescription pills, marijuana, and alcohol interchangeably before getting behind the wheel, there’s no denying that a very large percentage of those who cause fatal accidents in Orange County are high on drugs.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, 37 percent of those involved in fatal car collisions within Orange County were drunk, and 39 percent were high on some form of the drug.

Pill And Marijuana Effects On Driving Not Entirely Clear

For the most part, police departments will tell you that Marijuana will negatively affect a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. While there may be some truth to this in a general sense, applying this concept to a specific instance is not always applicable.

This does not mean that a person should reasonably believe that they can consume a large amount of T.H.C., get behind the wheel, and be able to drive responsibly. However, there have been some cases where marijuana’s effects on a person’s ability to drive have been called into question.

To read more about Attorney Randy Collins’ court victory in which he helped convince a jury that the amount of T.H.C. in the defendant’s bloodstream was not enough to establish impairment.

Orange County Prosecutors’ DUI Track Record

While many of those who are arrested for DUI in the OC were drunk and get convicted, there are many who are not. This is usually a surprise to those who have never been arrested for something they’ve never done, but being a DUI defense law firm, we cannot ignore the fact that many people are arrested that are not guilty.

Despite the fact that many of those who are arrested for DUI in Orange County are not guilty, prosecutors are still securing convictions against DUI defendants with an 85% conviction rate. That’s one of the highest for any County in California.

DUI Defense In Orange County

Those who have been arrested for a drug-related DUI should seek counsel from a skilled Orange County drug DUI attorney as soon as possible after their arrest. In Orange County, DUI defendants have a very small window in which they can try to keep their driver’s license throughout the court process.

Those who would like a free drunk driving case evaluation for their OC offense can all (844) 241-1221 day or night to speak with a Law Offices of Randy Collins DUI defense attorney. Attorney Collins was a previous District Attorney prosecutor and has years of experience defending drug DUI defendants.