Tips to Avoid a DUI Charge over the Holiday Weekend

Whether you’re merrily celebrating a festive holiday or somberly reflecting on one of our memorial holidays, drinking is probably going to be involved. Even if you aren’t drinking, you’ll probably have to deal with several people who are, and at least one of those people, statistically, will be arrested for DUI before the weekend is over.

It is important to be a responsible participant in these festivities not only to avoid a DUI but to also keep the roads safe for everyone else. The average cost of a DUI in California is $10,000. California also has the highest level of DUI-related fatalities in the nation.

Below are some tips on how to avoid a DUI charge and stay safe over the holiday season.

Giving me the car keys
1. Have a designated driver. Agree, in advance, that one member of your party will not drink during the event and will safely get everyone home. Being a designated driver is an important responsibility, one that should be rotated amongst friends at different events throughout the year. However, should your designated driver choose to overindulge, our next tip should help resolve the issue.

2. Take public transportation. This can be a bus, subway, taxi, Uber, or Lyft – whatever means is closest and most convenient to you. Even if this means leaving the car overnight and perhaps getting a ticket or having the car towed. The cost of a parking ticket or tow charge is far less than the cost of a DUI or jail time.

3. Have the party at your house. There’s no better way to avoid a DUI charge than to never leave the comfort of your own home. If you’re home, you’re not out driving, so indulge at will!

Already On The Road

If, for some reason, you’ve already gone to the party, already been drinking, and are already on your way home and are just now finding this blog…..well, we have some additional tips in the unfortunate event that you are stopped by the police.

Police Vehicle
1. First and foremost, be polite. Officers have dash cameras and are recording everything. Be on your best behavior.

2. While you are required to provide your license, registration, and proof of insurance, you are NOT required to provide anything further than that. Meaning you may refuse to answer any questions they may have about your activities that evening. There is no need to give them further evidence against you.

3. Another lesser-known fact is that you are not required to participate in any field sobriety tests they request of you. Failure to participate may result in your arrest, however, they will have no video evidence of your physical inability to complete the exam.

4. You may also refuse to submit to a breath test. It is not required that you submit to one and it is prejudicial in nature. Choose a urine test, if available, or a blood test. Either is a far better options over a breath test and have a better chance for a successful defense.

Contact an expert DUI defense attorney immediately. The sooner you have someone by your side, the better.

We hope you find these tips useful. Stay safe over the holidays!