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Riverside, California is located in the Inland Empire metro area (as well as the greater LA area) with its positioning between both Los Angeles and San Diego. While most might think of either LA or San Diego when considering Southern California, Riverside does have a population of around 305,000 residents. The city itself has been in existence since its foundation in 1870 and helped created the citrus industry in the state.

Within the city itself is University of California, Riverside, which is found in the northern portion of the city. Several major attractions surrounding the university (yet are not maintained by the university) include the Fox Performing Arts Center, California Citrus State Historic Park and the California Museum of Photograph.

Riverside is home to several major museums and cultural centers, not only for California but for all of the United States. The March Field Air Museum highlights the historic evolution of the United State’s Air Force. Patrons can also find the World Museum of Natural History, Sweeney Art Gallery, Riverside Metropolitan Museum and the Heritage House Museum, just to name a few.

Probably the most noticeable landmark in the entire city is the Carillon Tower, This 161 foot bell tower uses 48 different bells to mark the passing of time, including song renditions of classical, musical works throughout the year.

This tower is found on the University of California, Riverside campus. While the largest university in the city, it is not the only higher education option for residents. California Baptist University, California Southern Law School, Riverside City College, Kaplan College and La Sierra University are all found within the city limits.

Transportation from Riverside to LA which is northwest of the city or San Diego with is southeast of the city can be accomplished through several different ways. The city is located on I-215, State Route 91 and State Route 60. It also uses several different rail lines in order to connect itself to the rest of the United States.

There are two commuter rail stations throughout the city while Amtrak has a station within the city, which runs all the way from LA to Chicago (without the need to change trains). Additionally, the Greyhound is available for bus service.



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