A Job Well Done? Costa Mesa DUI Checkpoint Nabs 10

DUI checkpoints are not new to Costa Mesa locals; the Costa Mesa police department has used sobriety checkpoints on numerous occasions as part of ongoing efforts to help curb drunk driving, the most recent of which being held this past Sunday.

At the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Flower Street, local law enforcement did their best to determine whether the 3,250 or so vehicles and the drivers operating them, exhibited any strange behavior as they passed through the checkpoint.

Lt. Greg Scott of the Costa Mesa police department gave statements about the checkpoint to media, and those statements contain very limited information, but what he did say was that these checkpoints crackdown on drunk driving and lower the number of DUI deaths and injuries by deterring drunk drivers.

DUI Checkpoint Results – 12/18 Thru 12/19 – Costa Mesa, California

Their efforts resulted in 18 DUI investigations and the arrest of four people who were suspected of driving under the influence. In addition, there were six drivers arrested for operating an unlicensed vehicle or with a suspended license.

About 3,250 vehicles went through the checkpoint over the course of several hours. It is unknown how many police officers operated the checkpoint or the exact number of hours that it was in operation.

The number of officers that operate sobriety checkpoints vary, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which promotes the use and effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints, states that agencies reported using seven to 15 officers on average.

Are DUI Checkpoints Working?

Whether or not sobriety checkpoints work is highly debatable; police officers feel one way about them, while DUI defense attorneys tend to feel the exact opposite. The truth likely lies somewhere in-between.

Information and statistics vary wildly. Those who are for and against DUI checkpoints have valid arguments to back their claims.

Those who believe in the effectiveness of DUI checkpoints often argue that although there are not usually a lot of drunk driving arrests that result from checkpoints, they act as a deterrent.

Those who believe that DUI checkpoints are ineffective argue that the entire practice is one that violates the rights of the everyday Costa Mesa citizen, wastes a lot of money, and fails to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Costa Mesa DUI Defense

Facing charges for drunk driving in Costa Mesa? You’re not alone. If it was the result of a checkpoint, you have options. Speaking with a Costa Mesa DUI attorney may be in your best interest. Police are required to follow a specific set of procedures when conducting sobriety checkpoints.

If they are not followed precisely, you may have been mistaken for someone that was driving while intoxicated. Those interested in obtaining a free consultation for a Costa Mesa DUI offense can call tel:(844) 241-1221 to speak with a Law Offices of Randy Collins legal professional.