5 Actions That Will Not Help You Beat a DUI


The dreaded DUI is an offense that nobody wants on their record. A DUI is considered a serious mark that leads to your license being suspended and even worse depending on the circumstances of the arrest. Also, if there were any others injured or property damaged a DUI conviction can set off a domino effect causing harsh realities for the person facing charges. The bottom line is that you should avoid a DUI at all costs and know what to do to give you a fighting chance if you ever end up in the hot seat.

There are many reasons why an officer can pull you over on the street. Sometimes it has nothing to do with driving erratic, making an illegal turn, speeding, swerving or other typical signs of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many DUI arrests occur because an officer spots a brake light out or even expired registration. The officer then either smells the alcohol or can spot dilated eyes, both of which are considered signs of intoxication. So, if you enjoy having a few drinks or are a fan of recreational drugs….don’t drive. If you do, check your brake lights and keep your registration current, because as long as you can drive normally you may not raise any red flags to get pulled over.

What NOT To Do

In the event that you are pulled over for either forgetting to put your turn signal on or even driving erratically, there is still a chance that you could avoid a DUI conviction. The most essential element to trying to beat your DUI is to keep yourself from providing any indisputable evidence that drugs or alcohol have been involved.

Let’s review a few helpful hints.

1. Do not tell your arresting officer that you have been drinking or doing drugs – It is never good to volunteer any information, especially if you have been drinking or doing drugs. There are no laws that you have to answer any questions an officer asks you. It is true that if there are suspicions you might be arrested and taken to jail, but know that it is against the law to hold someone captive without a charge. You should never admit to using any substance.

2. An officer might ask you to take a sobriety test and breath into a breathalyzer – don’t do it. Yes it is true, refusing to submit to a sobriety test can result in getting cuffed by an officer, but if you are drunk, willfully submitting to a test might not be in your best interest. If you blow into a breathalyzer and fail a sobriety test it is evidence that you are under the influence, which is a difficult piece of evidence to overcome. It is within your rights to say NO.

3. Do not offer to buy your arresting officer a drink or make any joking comments. Keep your mouth shut if you are pulled over or arrested and you have been drinking or doing drugs. Chances are anything coming out of your mouth will get you in trouble and piss off your arresting officer.

4. Don’t drive away. This might seem obvious, but when under the influence a person’s mind acts in very strange ways. Most of the time after an arresting officer asks for a license and registration, the officer will then return to his vehicle to check out the information. At this time, there’s nothing holding back the driver from taking off if they forget why they are sitting in a car on the side of the road. So, as a rule of thumb when you get pulled overturn your car off, take out your keys, and put the keys on the dashboard and hands on the steering wheel. First off, the officer sees this and it will reduce his stress seeing how willing you are to cooperate – he can see both of your hands and your keys (it sends a message, you’re not going anywhere). Second, if you have steps to follow and a specific memorized action chances are you will not forget why you are sitting on the side of the road in your car.

5. Don’t turn on your music or dance in your seat to the music in your head. The fact is that you might have had a great time at the club and can still hear the music, but do not let on to your officer that your mind is somewhere else. Stay present and stay still. There should be no unnecessary movement in the presence of the officer. The key is to not allow any opportunity for your actions to be in-line with actions regularly performed by those who are under the influence.

In All Seriousness…

These five tips are only meant for entertainment and an attorney should be consulted if an arrest occurs, there’s nothing that is needed to be said to an arresting officer. It might be nerve-racking to avoid admissions to drinking or refusing to take a sobriety test, but if you want to have the best chances possible of beating your DUI offense, you must walk that line – be silent, still, and don’t take any test. If you can avoid being arrested altogether because the officer doesn’t suspect anything, even better

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